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If you work best with personal connection and need help to remain inspired, encouraged, focused and accountable as you work on your business and on issues in your life, get customized help from a mentor. Dr. Duanita creates unique Mentoring Programs that provide individualized support. Specializing in assisting people to learn to co-create in partnership with the Creative Force of the Universe, Dr. Duanita will be your guide and mentor in helping you bring forth a Vision that assists you to live on purpose while serving others with love.

  Co-creating with a responsive Universe to build relationships, strength, connection and businesses

  Empowering you to serve with love while you live on purpose at your highest potential

  Helping you shift old belief systems about yourself in order that you can be the best you can be in all aspects of your life.

The Mentoring Community has monthly in-person gatherings and an online community.

The focus of the Mentoring Community is on education regarding the business side of providing service in the world.

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Image of Ethics: A Conversation with Art Therapy Director Duanita Eleniak, Ph.D.
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A Jasmine Journey, Carl Jung’s travel to India and Ceylon 1937-1938 and Jung’s Vision During Illness - “Something New” Emerging from Orissa, 1944 by Dr. Evangeline Rand NEW BOOK and AUDIOBOOK
A Jasmine Journey, Carl Jung’s Travel to India and Ceylon 1937-1938 and Jung’s Vision During Illness - “Something New” Emerging from Orissa, 1944

This is a researched story by Dr. Evangeline Rand of Dr. Carl Jung's journey to India in 1937/38 as well as a later vision during deep illness when he witnessed something new emerging from the northern coast of Orissa (now Odisha) on the Bay of Bengal. This is the first time Jung's actual route and travel organization has been presented. Dr. Rand shows the enormous present day relevance of Jung's mature work - braiding global corporate mining horrors with the field of depth psychology as well as the paradoxical honouring of World Soul.  More information

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Introductory Course to Images and Intentions Introductory Course to Images and Intentions

This 14 session Online Course provides information in audio and written format about why working with intentions along with images is a highly effective way of co-creating change in your life. It covers introductory topics such as advantages in working with intentions in images; required commitment to the daily intention work; dealing with external and internal resistance factors; introduction to the range of medium; tips on working with collage; a word on ‘creative accidents’; honouring images and the creative process; image intention review; feedback from your images; the power of the collective; and acceptance that sometimes the Universe has other plans.

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Course in Forgiveness FREE Online COURSE
Course In Forgiveness: Easy Steps To Forgiveness

An Online Course in Forgiveness was written to answer your question “How do I forgive?” The course intention is to help you experience answers to your question by teaching about forgiveness and showing you effective ways to work with daily intentions and images to assist this mysterious process to be as graceful and easy as possible for you. 

Course in Forgiveness


Counselling Ethics and the New Worldview online course FREE Online Course
Counselling Ethics and the New Worldview

Ideas are presented in this online course to provoke a conversation about the implications for counselling ethics and practices of the current paradigm shift in consciousness. Emphasis is placed on it being the ethical responsibility of all helping professionals to learn about the new developments in the areas of science and to ponder the implications for the field of counselling. The need for a new psycho-spiritual paradigm in the field of psychology is presented along with the need to address these issues in our codes of ethics so that counsellors have some guidance in this pioneering territory. 

Counselling Ethics and the New Worldview Course

0307 - Art Therapy With Street Youth
Available through the American Art Therapy Association Career Center

An introduction to the area of art therapy practice with adolescents who are identified as ‘street youth’ is presented. Through a group art therapy case study with street youth, the key developmental tasks, key therapeutic issues and key ethical issues related to art therapy with teenagers are addressed. Practical ideas about working with youth through the arts are presented. Total Continuing Education Credits (CECs) = 3

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