2018 Vision Board Workshop Series

Nourish your body, mind, soul and spirit at a Vision Board Workshop. Connect with your inner self and envision dreams for your future.

The 2018 Vision Board Workshop Series is an opportunity to bring your dreams to reality and clarify what you truly desire. Empower yourself
by creating art, engaging playfully and building community. Find yourself inspired, rejuvenated and able to imagine your best life.

Envision 2016 Workshop  

Envisioning generates powerful feelings that activate your innate potential to co-create your reality. Participants of the 2018 Vision Board Workshop Series explore their imagination and learn creative ways to bring their ideas, dreams, and goals to life. This self-exploratory journey allows you to experience the power of images and emotions as they connect to creating your reality.

Join the Adler University’s Master of Counselling and Art Therapy Program, for the 2018 Vision Board Workshop: an inspirational workshop that will nourish your very being and let you set your intentions in a powerful and effective way for the new year.

Course Dates:      Jan 27, 2018
                           March 3, 2018
                           April 7, 2018

Times:                 2-5:30pm

Location:             #220 - 145 Chadwick Court
                           North Vancouver, BC V7M 3K1

Cost:                   $54 for Series (3 Sessions) or $20 per Session including GST

                           Classes limited to 4 participants.

If you would like more information, please email us
To Register for the 2018 Vision Board Workshop

The Mentoring Store.ca provides the opportunity for a wide range of presenters to provide artists and counsellors with information related to the business aspects of their work. If you would like to present at a community gathering or if you know someone who would like to contact us. Please note that the Mentoring Store.ca takes no responsibility for the opinions expressed by presenters and that presentations at meetings imply no endorsements of any kind. Please evaluate all information presented in your unique circumstances and consult with your business team before making choices. Please note that all sessions may be audio or video recorded. By attending in person you are agreeing to possibly being recorded.
Thank you.

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