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Dr. Duanita G. Eleniak
Duanita G. Eleniak
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Be the Change

Thanks to all of your support and votes, Duanita's book made it to the top 10% of spiritual author entries from around the world in the Next Top Spiritual Author competition. She wants to gratefully thank the organizers of the competition for their amazing vision which has brought together a community of like-minded messengers from around the world. Thanks to Robert Evans, James Twyman, Randy Davilla and their team for providing such a growth opportunity for everyone.

Be The Change: Acting with Intention by author Duanita G. Eleniak inspires transformations of heart in readers. It is a true story of Duanita as she sets out to change the world through the arts and discovers she has to change herself and follow Ghandi’s words “Be the Change you want to See in the World”.

Read Chapter 11, The Way Ahead from Be The Change: Acting With Intention

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Stu Rosen interviews Duanita G. Eleniak whose book “Be the Change: Acting with Intention” made it to the top 10% worldwide in the 2010 Next Top Spiritual Author competition. Dr. Duanita answers the question “What led you to your journey through acting school? “ She talks about her passion to assist the current shift in worldview and the crucial role the arts have to play to provide the vision and the feelings necessary for such a shift to manifest. She describes how she began with the idea of changing the world and how she very quickly discovered that it was her that had be the change if change was to occur at all.

Stu Rosen interviews Duanita G. Eleniak whose book “Be the Change: Acting with Intention” made it to the top 10% worldwide in the 2010 Next Top Spiritual Author competition. Stu Rosen applauds Dr. Duanita’s choice to become an actor in order to ‘be the change’, rather than to go into the production end of the business. Dr. Duanita talks about how she partnered with Creative Source Energy on a daily basis throughout her journey and how through signs, dreams and synchronicities she was led to make this choice. She speaks about only now, through time, has she begun to see the brilliance of the path through which she was led.

Stu Rosen interviews Duanita G. Eleniak whose book “Be the Change: Acting with Intention” made it to the top 10% worldwide in the 2010 Next Top Spiritual Author competition. Dr. Duanita describes her work as crossing the fields of science, psychology, spirituality and humanities in a dynamic and inspiring way which touches people at exactly the place where they are.

What others are saying:

Read the article on Quilibrio and how Be the Change has enriched the Quilibrio movement.

A must read for everyone in the arts. The book follows the author's journey from the scientific to the sublime through her enrolment in a 9 month fine arts program studying acting for film and television while continuing her clinical therapy practice. It reads like a Hollywood film script complete with a cast of characters, plot twists and unusual phenomenon. One can’t help but be inspired by this very courageous personal story of transformation from old patterns and old ways of being to enlightenment through the power of intention. Her story will help artists realize how their work can and does inspire higher levels of consciousness not only in themselves but in everyone who experiences their art.
G. Jaeger, Architecture Student, AIBC Assoc. RAIC Student member

Duanita Eleniak’s immersion in the performing arts takes us on a personal journey of transformation. Eleniak writes with a transparency and a vulnerability that touches our hearts and inspires a deeper relationship with spirit. A compelling read for those interested in transformation and the raising of consciousness!
Dawn Sather, BSW RSW

I am anchoring the rich tapestry of insight, lessons learned and wisdom the author has so courageously and generously shared. Her writing is quite sophisticated which revealed the quality of thoughts. In my books she has "joined the army of great minds" who have pioneered a new way of thinking and being via written words. Her angle (the arts) carves yet another precious face to the new thinking so called "new age" (NOT...) diamond. Kudos to her!
Lorraine Jasmin

In My Journey through Acting School the author undertakes an extensive, and intensive, journey of immersion in the performing arts, a journey that leads her to enhanced consciousness and connection with Spirit. The detailed research underpinning her experiences is in her dissertation The Role of the Arts in the Transformation of Consciousness and will be of value to students and scholars of creativity, consciousness, and the nexus between them. Eleniak's distinctive voice as an "agent of inspiration" will also draw general readers--all those who desire to explore and expand their individual creativity, consciousness, and connection to Spirit. This groundbreaking work is at once informative, absorbing, and inspiring.
Patricia Anderson, PhD Author and Literary Consultant

That video was just to graphic for me... You make a point, but the shock value turd me away... You might want to go black and white on some of the images... Just my thought.

Duanita - I like the way you are prepared to be surprised and entertained by the presence of Spirit in your life. Indeed, your faith is limitless and your writing style friendly and chatty, making it easy to engage the reader.

Hi Duanita - I really like your chapter. The style is friendly, conveying a sense of awe and wonder with humour at the unfolding journey you are having with Spirit in your life. Well done! 

Dr. Duanita writes about communicating with Spirit with such ease, openess, honesty and refreshing humility. As she relates her experiences, I am so impressed at how eloquently she expresses in words the feelings and beliefs I have come to know throughout my life. I find myself eagerly reading on and I am at once amazed at her stories and feel like they are my stories too. I applaud her courage and incredible talent for writing so well on such a complex subject. I feel comforted and deeply grateful that there is someone in the world who believes what what I believe. Dr. Duanita's passion and energy for communicating with Spirit has touched my heart and in my humble opinion, there is no better author on this topic. 

Very proud of Daunita's accomplishments. 

Duanita's book gave me two really important lessons: the courage to be imperfect and the courage to put myself out there and brave what may come of it. I learned that in putting energy into the things that I really want out of life, I co-create what I want my future to be. She is one of those individuals that when you meet or have contact with her, she changes your life eternally for the better. Her book is but a piece of this energy force and reading it encouraged me to be a better person in both my personal and professional life. Thank you Duanita!

Reading Duanita's book allowed me to revisit an artistic part of myself that I had lost, and I am now on the journey to finding my creative self again. My experience with this book has catalyzed a number of events that assure me I am on the right path. Thank you!

Duanita has given me the strength to believe in myself and to create for myself whatever I choose. Through my work with Duanita and her book I have experienced opportunities that I otherwise would have turned away from. Her book truly represents one of life's most important lessons - what you focus on expands. Thank you Duanita for being one of the most influential and positive people in my life!

Dr.Duanita explores realms which have yet to be explored. She is inspirational, courageous and energetic. In her sharings, she gives permission to her readers to explore their own limitations and gifts. She is truly brillliant.

change is always a difficult thing, no matter what kind,our world and ourselves are always changing, My Journey Through Acting School, can inspire one and give hope, hopefuly for many, it has for one for sure brad 

I have read Duanita's book. I love how she took a chance and immersed her whole self into the acting school and her roles. I also can relate to being frustrated, scared and unsure when doing something different and out of "your comfort zone". I was so grateful to read about the synchronisties, the messages that she was given and how she trusted "Team Spirit" to guide her and help her through. It gave me inspiration to continue on my journey of personal and spiritual awareness and allow myself to go where the " Spirit" takes me. Thank you Duanita. 

Thank you - definitely what the world needs right now - how very timely. Wishing you all the best. Great direction. maybe have more happier pictures to counter balance all the negative ones. Love the background images behind you while you speak. 

What an incredibly profound video, not to mention an inspirational Ch. 11 in your book. I found both very moving and motivating, not only on an intellectual level, but on a deep, spiritually psychic level as well. We are all connected and intricately bound to one another and every living substance on earth, and you illustrate this beautifully with grace through your inquisitive nature. Your search for meaning in Truth, Spirit, and things that cannot be explained except through Universal Laws, has touched me beyond the depths of my soul, creating a sense of security, contentment and profound peace - peace that we all long to feel, and inevitably seek out but rarely find. The way you conclude Chapter 11, however, planted the seed for me to not look out, but to look within, for that peace and connectedness I long for is within me. It is within all of us. Well done Duanita! Your message comes across with dignity, finesse and grace, and encourages those who do not know, to want to know, and for those who do know, to want to know more. Because of your kindness, passion and dedication in sharing your knowledge with us, I am a better person because of it, with more compassion and understanding than ever before. You have taught me the tremendous Power I have within me, and how I can use it to heal myself, those around me, and the World. My blessings and endless thanks to you always. God Bless you. 

Ms. Eleniak's description of her life experiences, like "crumbs of cheese", provide a path, if not a map of transition/ transformation from our ego centered "little self" to functioning as an integral component of our "divine self". She identifies markers on ths path of transformation, ie. the importance of trusting coincidence, multiple signs & feelings. These are all signals of a management system operating in a manner that requires a new type of attention. The reward of this new attention or "partnering with spirit", as Duanita calls it, is "oneness & harmony with the universe". Thank you, Duanita for sharing your journey & inspiring so many others along your path! 

I very much enjoyed the chapter I read of Dr. Duanita Eleniak's new book! I really liked the story where Duanita is at her first day as a student in a new class and all the other students are much younger...we can all relate to that! How do I fit in? What can I do to best contribute? Then we get to the wonderful surprise where she is actually the inspiration to the rest of the class! Life is full of these affirming surprises, if only we can recognise and learn from them. Thanks, Duanita for an inspiring book! 

I loved the video! Very professional and approachable with the central message being that all things are sacred..such an important message given the challenges we and our precious planet face in the new millenium 

I have known Duanita for a very long time and it does not surprise me that she has written this book and that others receive her message with an open heart - even when their minds might be closed. She has always had this gift. This work is another in her life journey of seeking and finding and more than anything else - sharing. Sharing with conviction and passion. 

Duanita, I voted for your book! The chapter you provided is fabulous: engaging, authentic and you are always inspiring! I feel very blessed by my connection to you. You have contributed greatly to assimilating my faith into my work. I believe your book is very important for people to be able to see how much they can do, be and invite into their lives if they only submit. "I am the pencil" as Mother Teresa said. 

Duanita, I voted for your book. I see from your writing that your connection with the Spirit has moved you from mere believing and trusting into the zone of knowingness. So I guess you need no big sign to know that you are meant to be inspired and to inspire others. And yes, Moms know useful old recepies: have Faith and family is more important than work. 

I think this writing is very relevant and accessible to all people. I was fully engaged while reading, and feel like the idea of partnering with Spirit more in my life is something I am left with more ideas and know-how around! thanks, 

Duanita Eleniak's The Role of the Arts in the Transformation of Consciousness is an honest map of the journey towards understanding that by dedicating ourselves to our passions we dedicate ourselves to creating a healthy reality. Duanita explores subjects that have been forbidden by scientific materialism and forms deep relationships with the mysteries that create magic and meaning in our lives. I left this book vibrating with the call to action! 

Duanita, Thank you for sharing the fruits of your journey with the rest of us in such an expressive way. 

Duanita's book is inspiring. Readers get to sense her presence as well as her essence when reading My Journey through Acting School. One senses her essence through her words, gentle humour, and compassion for others. In short, we get to meet the ontological Duanita when we read her inspirational book! 

Dr. Duanita is indeed an inspiration! She pursues knowledge and understanding of life's connections relentlessly. Dr. Duanita illustrates a curiousity that requires her to continually question the connections between self and spirit. A curiousity that demands a deeper understanding, an understanding that she can then share with the world. Dr. Duanita did not hesitate to put herself "out there" throughout this exploration and clearly has given 100% to her work. Great job. You have my vote!

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