Consultation Services

Consultation Services

Dr. Duanita serves as a consultant to other helping professionals (counsellors, registered social workers, registered psychologists, registered clinical counsellors, art therapists, play therapists, expressive therapists, music therapists, teachers, educators, etc.) and agencies. She provides consultations on difficult cases (practitioners are responsible to obtain written consent), career changes, agency staff relations, set-up of office/studios/playrooms, and effective management.

Consultation is provided by Dr. Duanita for other counsellors, psychologists, clinical social workers, art therapists, play therapists, expressive therapists and other professionals.

Regular in-person consultation rates are $225 per hour + GST.  

For Distance Consultations the rates are as follows:

15 minutes = $55 + GST
30 minutes = $110 + GST
45 minutes = $165 + GST
60 minutes = $220 + GST

A limited number of places on a sliding scale for professionals are provided. Please check with Dr. Duanita for availability. The way the sliding scale works is that you determine what it is that you can afford and you slide the rate as your circumstances change. Consultations begin at the first meeting. Payment arrangements are made then.

Cash, cheques, Paypal and credit card payment is available. Payment can be made online below or you can mail in a cheque or provide Dr. Duanita with a credit card number and she will ring it through for you.

Remember to save all of your consultation receipts because they are allowable expenses under "Professional Services" or sometimes under "Professional Education" for income tax purposes.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Dr. Duanita at 604-988-5689 or email 

If you are interested in Dr. Duanita's Consultation Services, please:
1.  Fill out and submit the Information Form below; and
2.  If you wish to order Consultation Services, go to the Payment section below.

    Consultation Services Information Form

First Name
Last Name
Address 1
Address 2
Postal Code/Zip Code
Daytime Phone
Evening Phone
Which method of payment?
1.  Credit card
2.  Over the phone
3.  Cheque
Date of payment
Amount of payment


Consultation Services
1. If paying by credit card, please click on the down arrow below to select the
amount of Consultation Time you would like to purchase:
Consultation Time
Distance Consultation Services
Distance Consultation Time
2.  Call 604-988-5689 with your credit card number.
3.  If paying by cheque, please make cheques payable to and forward payment to: 
Creative Counselling and Education 
220-145 Chadwick Court
North Vancouver, BC 
V7M 3K1 
We appreciate your business.
We value you as a client.
We look forward to serving you again.
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