Duanita specializes in transpersonal counselling and works with people of all ages who are dealing with trauma (sexual abuse/assault; accidents; illness); loss (death, divorce, life transitions; job displacement; career changes); and mental health issues (anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictions). She works with verbal counselling as well as art therapy, play therapy and sandtray work. The most common words used to describe the work that people do with Duanita are “inspiring” and “epiphany”. She also serves as a mentor and life coach for helping professionals and artists who want to learn about the business side of their work with a focus on co-creation of one’s life in partnership with Creative Source energy. Her theoretical approach is eclectic and she draws on elements from the humanistic, cognitive/behavioral, psychodynamic, and transpersonal schools of thought depending on the situation and client that she is dealing with.

About Dr. Duanita
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Counselling Services

About Dr. Duanita

Dr. Duanita G. Eleniak is a registered clinical social worker, a registered art therapist, a philosopher of consciousness studies, an author, an educator and a much sought after inspirational speaker. In addition to therapy services, she provides mentoring, life coaching, supervision and consultation services.

Currently Dr. Duanita is especially interested in working with teaching and supporting people to shift emotions in order to facilitate an increase in their quality of life and an ability to sustain feelings of love, joy, and peace. She combines cognitive behavioural therapy techniques with her understanding of states of consciousness to assist people to change their thoughts, belief systems and behaviours. She approaches her work from an eclectic therapeutic framework with focus on transpersonal psychology.

Duanita is committed to assisting people to connect with their 'bliss' , 'passion' , 'creativity', 'creative self', 'higher self’, or “force within’ ...whatever term they want to call that inner source of inspiration. She loves to teach people how to work in an integrous way with intention.

On a larger scale, Dr. Duanita’s intention is to inspire the shift in consciousness and worldview to one which allows for hope and faith during this crucial time in history. Duanita works with creative avenues to help people become the very best that they can be, take full responsibility for their lives, and bring their dreams into reality.

The most common words used to describe her work are 'inspiring' and 'epiphany'. Her books Be The Change: Acting With IntentionThe Role of the Arts in the Shifting of Consciousness and Daily Intentions Journal reflect her passion for assisting people to learn how to shift their awareness to a consciousness based on love, peace and joy. Other courses and books reflect her intention to assist the current shift that is happening in the world regarding economics and business: Daily Business Intentions Journal, Daily Business Intentions Journal For Artists, Inspiring Daily Business Intentions and Program to Activate your Business Consciousness. Dr. Duanita likes to serve people with a focus on co-creation of life in partnership with Creative Source energy.



Duanita G. Eleniak, PhD, received her doctorate in the Philosophy of Consciousness Studies from the International University of Professional Studies. She has a Masters in Clinical Social Work (direct practice and research focus) from the University of Hawaii, a Masters Certificate in Art Therapy from the British Columbia School of Art Therapy, a Diploma in Fine Arts (Performance: Acting for film and stage-graduated with distinction) from the New Image School of Fine Arts and her Bachelors in Social Welfare from the University of Calgary.


Career History

Dr. Duanita began her career as a helping professional working as a clinical social worker in sexual assault centers and battered women's shelters where she gained a specialty in counseling and consulting in the field of abuse, sexual assault and trauma. She then went back to train in non-verbal therapies including art therapy, play therapy and sand tray work in order to broaden her ability to work with images in the healing process with people, children in particular. These skills led her to working in the mental health and medical fields where she gained experience and understanding with a broad range of ages and issues.



Dr. Duanita is the Program Director for the Master in Counselling Psychology: Art Therapy program at Adler University, Vancouver Campus. She is a mentor for doctoral students in the Expressive Arts Therapy program at the International University of Professional Studies. She teaches courses in the Master of Education in School Counselling for City University, Vancouver.

Dr. Duanita currently teaches a wide range of private classes through the Mentoring  She has taught classes at the University of Phoenix, Burnaby Canada campus and is a much sought after inspirational speaker. She has addressed community groups and professional associations upon request (British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors 2009; Canadian Association of Clinical Counsellors 2009), and conferences (7th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Education 2009; 8th Annual Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities 2010).



Dr. Duanita's work in the area of expressive arts, art therapy, play therapy and sand tray work was highly influenced during her training years with mentor Dr. Marie Jose Dhaese, PhD. Dr. Dhaese's influence can still be seen in Dr. Duanita's emphasis on the importance of the healing setting and the effective set up of the playroom. Both practitioners are highly influenced by the work of Rudolf Steiner regarding how children learn. Dr. Duanita continues Dr. Dhaese’s tradition of pet therapy and both work with dogs in the therapy setting. They each have decades of experience doing animal assisted therapy and embody a wealth of knowledge in this area.

Another important mentor in Dr. Duanita's development is Dr. Evangeline Rand, PhD. Together with Dr. Rand, Dr. Duanita developed insight and knowledge into non-ordinary states of consciousness. Working formally with her dreams, Dr. Duanita was able to develop experience, knowledge and insight into the importance, relevance and messages inherent in images, symbols, archetypes and the language of spirit and soul. Duanita considers Dr. Evangeline Rand to be an extraordinary healer, author and visionary who is well ahead of the times. Dream work and developing relationships with images continue to be an important cornerstone of Dr. Duanita's practice.

Dr. Inula Martinkat, Phd has been one of Dr. Duanita's most important mentors in her explorations into the area of consciousness studies. With Dr. Martinkat Duanita studied Transpersonal Psychology during her doctoral studies. Among the spiritual teachers Dr. Martinkat has been influenced by are Osho, Eckhart Tolle, Adyashanti, and Byron Katie. Dr. Martinkat has also had substantial training in the field of body-mind therapy as well as spiritual development. Her areas of focus include meditation, expanded states of consciousness, women’s spirituality, death and dying counseling, Gestalt Therapy, EMDR, hypnotherapy and emotional clearing processes. She is a mentor at the International University of Professional Studies.

Duanita has also been strongly influenced by the work of Dr. Carl Jung (Jungian Psychology), Louise Hay, Joseph Campbell, Julia Cameron, M. Chekhov, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Candice Pert, Ramtha, Ester and Jerry Hicks, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. David Hawkins, Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, Greg Braden, Eckhart Tolle, Oprah Winfrey, Ellen Degeneres and producers Arntz, Chasse, and Vincente.


Professional Registrations

Dr. Duanita is a Registered Clinical Social Worker Approved for Private Practice registered with the British Columbia Association of Social Workers and the Canadian Association of Social Workers.

She is also a Registered Art Therapist with Canadian Association of Art Therapists, the British Columbia Association of Art Therapists, and the American Association of Art Therapists.

Inquire About Counselling Services

Distance Counselling Through The Distance Support Program

Admissions/Enrollment to the Distance Support Program

Who is the Distance Support Program For?
This program is for people who have worked with Dr. Duanita in the past and who are in need of brief, occasional contact in order to maintain the positive changes that they are involved with making in their lives.

What Does it Provide?
Sometimes people need to be reminded of the tools that they have learned to improve their worlds. Sometimes people need to be inspired, encouraged, and reminded of what they are capable of and how far they have come.

How Does it Work?
Often a brief intervention is all that is needed to assist people back to implementing the self-help plans and healthy habits that they developed through their counselling process.

That is where this program comes in.

How to Apply?
If you have seen Dr. Duanita in the past, call her at 604-988-5689 and request distance counselling.

The rates are $55 CDN per 15 minute period rounded up to the nearest 15 minute period or $220 per hour. Sliding scale is available.

$55 per 15 minutes + GST
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Distance Counselling Time
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Specialized Sexual Abuse/Assault Consultant

Dr. Duanita G. Eleniak, MSW RCSW ATR PHD is a specialized sexual abuse/assault consultant.

Areas of case consultation that can be addressed include: family history; presenting problems and client resources; assessment/interpretive summary; treatment planning (service plan/client goals and objectives/steps to goals and time frames/setting priorities); treatment interventions; effectiveness of treatment; exploring alternative interventions; involvement of other family, supports and/or community resources; discharge/transitioning; ethical issues; safety; legal issues; cultural issues; case management/caseload; file management/documentation; community relationships; time management; and clinician self-care.

Dr. Eleniak is a registered clinical social worker with the British Columbia Association of Social Workers and Canadian Association of Social Workers since 1987 Registration # 87-024). She graduated from the University of Calgary with her Bachelors in Social Work in 1983 and from the University of Hawaii with her Masters in Social Work in 1986. Both of these programs are accredited Universities. In both her undergraduate and graduate studies Dr. Eleniak specialized in sexual assault/abuse. Her practicums included placements at the Calgary Battered Women’s Shelter, the Calgary Rape Crisis Center, and the Edmonton Sexual Assault Center. Her coursework included directed studies specifically in the area of rape, the legal system as it related to rape and the issue of institutionalized sexual assault in the large mental institutes of the time.

In the 1980’s upon her graduation from her undergraduate degree, Dr. Eleniak’s specialty education was recognized and she was hired as the Volunteer Coordinator at the Edmonton Sexual Assault Center where she had been volunteering her time through school working the crisis lines and accompanying victims to court. She was promoted to Executive Director of the Edmonton Sexual Assault Center and was involved in the movement which resulted in changes to the Canadian Criminal Code regarding sexual assault at the time. She was also involved in setting up one of the first sexual abuse treatment program for adults who were sexually abused as children and one of the first sexual abuse treatment program for incestuous families. She assisted in the development and delivery of the first training programs for various systems involved in the area of sexual assault (police, social services, schools, hospitals) and worked as a team member to promote the coordination of the systems to smooth the service delivery process to victims and their families.

She left her position as Executive Director to take a full scholarship as an international scholar from the Rotary Club to complete her Masters in Social Work. Upon her graduation and return to Canada she did clinical work at the Edmonton Sexual Assault Center providing counselling for mothers from incestuous families, survivors of incest (both adult and children), and families where sexual assault/abuse occurred. She was also part of a unique initiative called the Phoenix Project where she worked as a part of an interdisciplinary team with sexual offenders at Alberta Hospital Edmonton. All of the offenders had received a less than 2 year sentence and had opted to spend their time in treatment at the psychiatric institute versus a penitentiary.

Dr. Eleniak also worked as Public Education Coordinator at the Edmonton Sexual Assault Center and was one of the people responsible for bringing the CARE Kit to Alberta and introducing it into the schools as a preventative education program for children. She trained volunteers, staff, teachers, social workers, police officers, judges and the general public through a variety of presentations, pamphlets/written materials and media programs.

When Dr. Eleniak moved to the West Coast, she was hired as the Coordinator of the Victoria Women’s Sexual Assault Center where she provided leadership, administration, public education and direct services in the area of sexual assault/abuse.

Dr. Eleniak left the position at the Victoria Women’s Sexual Assault Center to attend training as an art therapist where she acquired more non-verbal therapy skills in order to work effectively with children. As an art therapy student she continued to refine her expertise in the area of sexual assault and assisted art therapist Linda Lange at the Victoria Mental Health Center run art therapy groups for women sexually abused as children.

When Dr. Eleniak first moved to Vancouver in 1990 she took a position as a Child and Family Therapist with Vancouver Mental Health (now called Vancouver Coastal Health) where she worked with severely emotionally disturbed children and their families. A majority of her caseload included issues of sexual abuse.

In 1991, Dr. Eleniak began her private practice ‘Creative Counselling and Education’. Her specialization in counselling in the area of sexual assault/abuse, experience with non-verbal counselling techniques as well as verbal counselling techniques, and her experience in the field of mental health combined to make her an good choice to work with sexual assault victims from Jericho Hill School, the provincial school for deaf children where there had been decades of institutionalized sexual abuse. She was recruited by the Well Being Program and continued her work in the area of sexual abuse providing long-term in depth therapy to sexual assault victims from the school and their families. She has worked with the Well Being Program for 14 years and continues to do so. She has seen and continues to see the victims/survivors of Jericho Hill School through the crisis phase of initial reporting, a legal class action suit against the government, and their subsequent recovery process.

Dr. Eleniak continues to work as a private practitioner providing direct services to victims/survivors of sexual abuse through the Well Being Program, the Residential Historical Abuse Program, Employee Assistance Programs, and other specific contracts. She also provides supervision and/or consultation in the area of sexual abuse/assault to professionals such as registered social workers, registered clinical counsellors, art therapists and psychologists. She is often hired by mental health agencies to provide specialized consultation and supervision in difficult cases involving sexual abuse/assault.

To hire Dr. Duanita as a consultant in the area of sexual abuse/assault contact her at 604-988-5689 or email. Fees for specialized sexual abuse professional consultations are $700 per hour plus GST. Payment may be made by ordering below.

$700 per hour + GST
Please click on the down arrow below to select from the options for the amount of time you would like for Specialized Sexual Abuse Professional Consultation:
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