Delivery Policy At The Mentoring Store


If you purchase books at the Mentoring Store, your order is processed through our publisher's web site,  You may review shipping times and options here.


All of the courses offered by the Mentoring Store are delivered online except for the Financial Freedom Study Group which meets in person. If you purchase a course, your payment will be processed in real time by the payment processor you have selected, InternetSecure or PayPal. Once your payment is processed online for purchasing a course, you are immediately given access to the course online in a password protected section of our web site.  Thereafter, you may login to the course at any time.  Some courses are available for a lifetime subscription and other courses are available for finite time period. You may not distribute or share your login username and password with anyone without the expressed written consent from the Mentoring Store.  A violation of this policy may result in the revocation of your online access to the course.  All of our online courses are offered on the Mentoring Store web site with the exception of the course Art Therapy With Street Youth which is available for purchase and access at the American Art Therapy Association Career Center.


All of the services offered by the Mentoring Store are delivered in person except for the Distance Counselling Services.  Payment and delivery of services are arranged privately with the parties seeking services.  Payment for services rendered include online invoicing for credit card payment, credit card processing over the phone, cheques and cash.  For Distance Counselling Services, counselling is offered over the phone once payment has been received.


Workshops are delivered in person typically at the Mentoring Store in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Payment and registration are required in advance and available online.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if anything other than what we wrote above occurs for you.

Privacy Policy
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