Dr. Evangeline M. L. Rand
Registered Psychologist (Canada) Consultant

After her 'first' career in Elementary Education, Dr. Evangeline M.L. Rand has been a practicing Registered Psychologist since 1981 years initially starting The Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Program in Edmonton, Alberta and then working in full time private practice.  In 2005 she was Chair of the Doctor of Ministry program (which she has served for 21 years) of St. Stephen's Theological College that has an ecumenical and trans-disciplinary faculty. 

Born (1943) and raised in India, Dr. Rand completed undergraduate studies in Education and Music and education at Goldsmiths' College, (London), and her graduate studies were through the University of Alberta, (Canada) (M.Ed.) and International College, California (U.S.A.) Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology and Transpersonal Psychology.)  In various places in North America Dr. Rand has acted as teacher, lecturer, and workshop facilitator through story, drama, dance, music, ritual and art.

Dr. Rand's orientation for the past 33 years has been deeply influenced by the work of Carl Jung.  Post doctoral studies have involved being a Fellow of the Assisi Conference that seeks to integrate the insights of the 'new sciences' chaos theory, Self Organization theory, and the New Biology with the cutting edge of Archetypal Psychotherapy as it is being developed, and which promises 'the potential' of a unified view of mind and matter. 

Dr. Evangeline M. L. Rand, Registered Psychologist

Since 1982 Dr. Rand has been at work with the evolving mythology of Mary Magdalene - through the Gnostic Gospels, Medieval and current popular literature and art, and pertinent Wisdom Teachings. She has made five journeys to France and Northern Spain and Italy to discover ongoing practices of appreciation for this 'woman of mythic proportions' and the overlap of these achetypal patterns with Black Madonna sites. In this connection Evangeline has led three pilgrimages - one to the sites of 'Ancient Egypt', and another two to France and Northern Spain, and France and Northern Italy.  

Responding eight years ago to the hints of dramatic changes in 'dream patterns' through her severe illness Dr. Rand has had the privilege of becoming a 'beginning' and 'ongoing' student of Professor Emeritus Keith Critchlow, the Director of Research and Director of Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts at the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture, London, England.

Dr. Rand's New Book
A Jasmine Journey, Carl Jung’s travel to India and Ceylon 1937-1938 and Jung’s Vision During Illness - “Something New” Emerging from Orissa, 1944 by Dr. Evangeline Rand A Jasmine Journey, Carl Jung’s Travel to India and Ceylon 1937-1938 and Jung’s Vision During Illness - “Something New” Emerging from Orissa, 1944

This is a researched story by Dr. Evangeline Rand of Dr. Carl Jung's journey to India in 1937/38 as well as a later vision during deep illness when he witnessed something new emerging from the northern coast of Orissa (now Odisha) on the Bay of Bengal. This is the first time Jung's actual route and travel organization has been presented. Dr. Rand shows the enormous present day relevance of Jung's mature work - braiding global corporate mining horrors with the field of depth psychology as well as the paradoxical honouring of World Soul.  More information

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Books Publications

Recovering from Incest: Imagination and the Healing Process, Boston, Sigo Press, 1989 ISBN 0 - 938434 - 43 -8

Recovering Feminine Spirituality: the Mysteries and the Mass as Symbols Of Individuation, London, Coventure, 1997 ISBN 1 - 879041 - 23 - 5

Reprinted 2009 under name Evangeline Mary Lotus Rand, through Mc. Cullum Press, Edmonton

Mary Magdalene: Post Quantum Vision and the Grail Mysteries Working manuscript

Geometry in Life, Article by Dr. Rand

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