Chapter 10

examples of journals

Hello Again,

I thought it might be helpful if I showed you four actual Daily Intention Journals.

One was done by a businessman, one by an artist, one by a student, and one by an “ordinary person.”

What these will make very clear that that there is no “right” way to do them.

Your journal will reflect who you are and so each one is unique.

Take a look at the businessman’s journal on the video. His images are sketched for the most part and in pen. Get a visual idea of what his journal looks like.

Take a look at the writer’s journal on the video. It is less focused on images but you can see the realms and realms of extra writing that came out when she documented the synchronicities. She just stapled in bits of paper she had written on as if they were collage.

And then take a look at the artist’s journal on the video. Mostly images. Way less words. Way more images than in the other examples. The intentions are imbedded in the images.

And finally, take a look at the “ordinary person’s” journal in the online videos. This woman is passionate about the Daily Intentions because through them she has reconnected with a desire to live again. As you can see, sometimes the images are cut from magazines. Sometimes she printed them on the computer. Sometimes she used cut images along with pen and pencil images. She used crayons, pencil, and felts. Sometimes she used words as images. She also photocopied pictures of her actual family members and her home which she used in her collages. Sometimes she even photoshopped images.

Each journal is so unique. I hope that through these examples you see that there is no "right" or "wrong" way to do them.

It is my intention that you discover your own uniqueness and your unique connection by doing this Course in Daily Intentions.

Thank you for joining us.




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