Chapter 3

naming and greeting your inner partner

Let’s begin by going over some specific instructions which will help you fill out this first section of the journal page “We Co-Create our Day”:

the name

Just as if you were forming a partnership in the outer world, one of the first things you need to know about your inner partner is the name.

Naming this intelligent field of energy is an important first step in beginning a relationship. Building a strong working relationship with this force is a key to manifesting in a consciously connected way.

This inner energy field that you are partnering with has historically gone by many names including: God, Higher Power, Quantum Field, The Field, the Unity Field, the Matrix, the Quantum Hologram, Nature’s Mind, the “Mind of God,” etc.

Individuals who explore co-creating with this Creative Force of the Universe sometimes give personal names to assist in imagining the relationship. Examples of more personal names given include: “Senior Partner”; “Inner Coach”; “Team Spirit”; and names of ancestors or people special to us; “Ariane”; “Grandmother”; “Mike”; “Mr. Powers”.

The most important element in choosing a name to describe this mysterious force of the Universe is that you feel good about the name you give. It is essential that the connotations, images and memories you may associate with the name are all of the type that would make you truly desire to have this inner partner in your life helping you to bring your vision to reality.

let's consider the Greeting or Invocation, asking for help

Once you have the name you are ready to invoke your inner partner’s presence or invite it into your day and your life.

Examples of invocations include:

“Good morning, Senior Partner! Today we flood the quantum realm with the following intention ... ” “Good morning, God!” “Good morning Grandmother,” or simply “I invoke a Higher Power as I write.”

In many traditions, particularly for people who work with a traditional view of Angels, it is believed that these mysterious forces are unable to assist in human’s lives unless they are asked.

“Ask and ye shall receive.”

That is why it is recommended that you make a formal request everyday for the connection to occur and for assistance in your world.

Ask to connect to Creative Source Energy ... whatever you call it.

Now you are ready to go on to Section 2 of the journaling page and learn how to write effective intentions.




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