Chapter 8

how do you complete the image journal page

Each day you have a page on which to express your intentions visually through images, whether it is quick collages or sketches or a combination of both.

It is always recommended that you do daily sketches or quick collages of your intentions because images are a very powerful way of communicating to this level of consciousness.

Go about your day and gather images that reflect what you are in the process of co-creating. Images may be in the form of words that you cut out from the newspaper, business cards that inspire you, or images from magazines/newspapers. Any words or images that reflect your vision, intentions, plans, and goals will do.

Collect these images in an envelope and keep them along with a handy glue stick tucked into your journal or in the area where you do your daily morning intentions. An envelope of images that you can carry with your journal is especially helpful if you are highly mobile. It allows you to pull out the collected images and quickly express your intentions.

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Review your images from time to time. They can often come through to reality many months or years into the future so reviewing them allows you to track your intentions easily. Tracking and reviewing images over time also helps in the realization that some intentions simply require more time than a day to manifest into physical reality.

Images hold our concentration and focus over long periods of time. They are a great way to help us create a visual and the feeling of our requested reality.

And that is how you do the image journal page.

It is easy and powerful.

Make it fun.

And enjoy!



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