Chapter 2

how to do this course

First, print off 40 copies each of the two journal pages offered online here for you to download.

One of the journal pages is for you to express your intentions in words and the other is to express your intentions in images.

Second, put the pages together in a journal for yourself.

If you would prefer to purchase a ready-made Daily Intentions Journal visit the Mentoring Store.

Third and last, every morning for 40 days set your alarm clock to wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual. In that time, fill out one journal page with writing and one journal page of images.

There you go.

three simple steps to do this course

1. Get the pages

2. Get the journal

3. Fill out two pages every morning for 40 days

Then see what happens.

In the next section of this course I will give you instructions that will help you get started on knowing how to write each of the five parts of the writing journal page. I will also give you instructions and tips on how to work with the journal page for images.

I conclude this Course in Daily Intentions by sharing with you four examples of journals done by different people: a businessman, a student, a writer, and an “ordinary” person. Hopefully these will help you see that there is no “right” way to do the journal pages. Everyone moves through this course the same way that they do through life in ways unique to them and to their connection with Creative Source energy.

A simple course ... yet so powerful.




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