Chapter 6

positive evidences experienced

specific instructions which will help you fill out the 4th section of we co-create our day

In the fourth section of the writing page “We Co-create our Day” you will be reporting the signs, synchronicities, and serendipities that happen to you in connection with your intention and request to the Universe for acknowledgement. These can be written about as they happen or the next day as you reflect on the positive evidence you experienced on the previous day.

This section is the area in which you record the happenings that occur that leave you no doubt that your message has been received. If your experience is very special and you need more room to write, flow over to the next page where you can continue your notes.

This section is where you write about the daily miracles that you become aware of as you engage in this journey. It reflects your ability to receive and be aware of communication from the Universe and to pay close attention to irregular things that happen in your world that ordinarily you might gloss over. It also helps you remember your intention throughout the day as you actively look for confirmation.

Remember to record your experiences daily.

And now you are ready to learn about how to do the fifth and last section of the journal page.




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