Chapter 5

some specific instructions which will help you fill out the third section of we co-create our day

request for positive evidence

In the third section of the daily journal page, you make a request for positive evidence that Creative Source Energy or the Universe has indeed received your intentions for the day. Examples of ways people write to request such evidence or “signs” include:

“And today, Senior Partner, at some point something happens which leaves me no doubt that my intentions have been communicated and received by you successfully.”

“And today I see signs all over that help me know beyond any doubt that the intentions have been received and welcomed.”

“And today I live my life all day long thinking of our intention and feeling 'as if' it is already so. As I do this, I am shown a sign that leaves me no doubt that the Creative Spirit is paying attention and co-creating alongside of me.”

“Now, if there is a spiritual force that is willing to have me participating in co-creating my life then show me a sign today that you have paid attention and bring the sign in ways that I least expect which leave me no doubt about your support.”

recognizing the language of spirit and soul

Sometimes people who are just beginning this process complain “I’m not getting any signs.”

“I haven’t seen any positive evidence of an inner partner.”

If you find yourself making such statements then add an intention requesting your inner partner to keep repeating the signs until you recognize them as such. For example, write:

“And today I quickly and easily see the signs provided by you, Senior Partner, as positive evidence of your existence, your receipt of, and your support for our intentions.”

“And today the signs keep repeating until you are certain that I have received your communication fully.”

One of the difficulties in working with positive evidence (synchronicity or signs) is to recognize them and then, if recognized as a sign or synchronicity, being able to understand the meaning.

It takes a while to learn the language of spirit and soul ... time well worth spending. Pay attention to information coming from your dreams, information products that people recommend, gifts given to you, books that fall from a bookstore shelf or your bookshelf, people who are connecting with you; unusual or repeating things happening in nature, with music, with numbers (license plates, ticket numbers), etc.

If you are having trouble seeing positive evidence in your life, educate yourself about how such signs often occur. Google the words “signs” and/or “synchronicity” and read of other people’s experiences. Books like Signs from Above by Doreen and Charles Virtue can give you ideas about the variety of ways that people report receiving messages from the illogical and irrational realms of consciousness which you are actively wanting to partner with.

Becoming aware of the language of Spirit can greatly assist you to begin seeing it.

the importance of follow-up with signs and synchronicities

When you ask for guidance and receive a response, or a sign or synchronicity happens, ensure that you follow it up.

For example, if you intend on being a writer and you imagine and attend being published and then you get an email about a contest to get a publisher, ENTER the CONTEST and then see what happens.

You now know how to request positive evidence and can begin to watch for it in your days.

You are now ready to learn about Section 4 of the daily journal.




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