Chapter 1

welcome to the course in daily intentions

I am Duanita G. Eleniak and I will be your guide as you learn to work with two journaling tools everyday in order to intentionally connect deeply and personally to Creative Source Energy.

Have you ever heard the statement, “You create your reality”?

Or how about the statement, “You are One with all beings”?

Well, this course teaches you how to become a scientist in your own life and test out the truth of these statements instead of just believing or not believing them.

why would you want to do this course

If you do the daily work when you experience positive evidence that leaves you no doubt that your intentions are received well ... there is nothing like that feeling. It is like a living faith.

You have a physical, bodily connection experience to your power, your purpose, and your place in the world.

You know you are a co-creator of reality and that you are One with the Universe.

how do you know when this connection happens

As you deepen your willingness and ability to open to the spiritual and mystical levels of consciousness, your experience of life changes significantly.

You feel more excited and inspired, recharged and empowered, relieved and supported.

You become more aware in all areas of your life and your life becomes an exciting adventure where you can’t wait to see what happens next.

As you continually fine tune your intentions and your connection tangible changes happen in your outer life.

For example an increased flow of abundance; increased opportunities; better relationships; more joyful work; and increased health.

When you look around your world and you start to see these kinds of changes then the scientist in you becomes convinced of your connection with Creative Source Energy and your power to co-create your reality.

why is it important to me to offer this course to the world

In 2002 I watched the movie What the Bleep Do We Know?!

Dr. Joe Dispenza described the way he begins everyday working with an exercise from Ramtha’s teachings called “I Create My Day.”

His words inspired my curiosity and I began to consciously experiment as a scientist in my own life, putting out daily intentions and asking specifically for signs and synchronicities that would leave me no doubt that my intentions were received.

I began to experience the synchronicities and feel the magical connection my life began to take on a whole new dimension of joy, excitement, and mystery.

I began learning as much as I could about quantum physics. I wanted to know why and how this connection actually works.

The two journal pages that are offered to you in this course are a synthesis of all of my learning. I created them and I began teaching this Course in Daily Intentions to business students, counselling students, my clients suffering with troubles in their lives, and to artists who felt discouraged or disconnected.

I have been blessed to experience my own transformations and to witness the kind of miraculous changes that happened for hundreds of other people who experimented with this work.

It is my intention that this information be available to everyone and anyone who is curious about this arena of life and who feels called to do this work.

May this Course in Daily Intentions inspire your world and deeply enrich your experience of life in all of its aspects.




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