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In order to develop a living faith in a participatory Universe where all beings are One, it is important to become a scientist in your own life testing on a daily basis the connection between what you think and feel and the reality that builds up around you.

One of the most fun ways to do this is to work with daily intentions in a committed, focused and diligent way. Never just believe that there is a Creative Force in the Universe that you are connected to. Instead, experiment on a daily basis with increasing your connection to that force in order that you begin to live a life filled with inspiration, meaning and purpose.

Here are two practical tools from the Daily Business Intentions Journal to start you in a daily working relationship with Creative Source Energy. We are making them available to you as a free download with the intention that they inspire you to begin co-creating your life in partnership with a participatory universe.
The Daily Business Intentions Journal by Dr. Duanita G. Eleniak

Tool #1: We Co-Create our Day Journal Page

“We Co-Create our Day” is a journal page which highlights elements to reflect on when building intentions on a daily basis.
Click here to download the free “We Co-Create our Day” journal page.

How You Can Work with this Page

1. Name your Creative Source Energy.
2. Write your intention for the day. (See 8 Tips on Writing Effective Daily Intentions)
3. Imagine flooding the quantum field of the Universe with your intention and ask for a sign which leaves you no doubt that the intention has been received.
4. Engage in your day actively looking for evidence that your intention has been received by a participatory Universe.
5. Make notes on any evidence that you encounter.
6. Express your gratitude for being able to be a scientist in your own life testing to see if there really is an independent force in the Universe that you can tap into.

8 Tips on Writing Effective Affirmative Intentions
1. Think of and write about what you want to see in your reality.
2. Write ‘as if’ it is happening NOW
3. Avoid using the words “don’t” “can’t” “not” “try” and “but”
4. Increase the power of your stated intention by beginning with “I am grateful for….”
5. Start with where you are and make your intention believable to you.
6. Carefully note any negative self-talk and rewrite it as affirmative statements.
7. Write until you get the “feeling” of the daily statement of intention. 
8. Remember: Be careful what you ask for; you just might get it.

Tool #2: Image of Daily Intentions Journal Page

The ‘Image of Daily Intentions’ journal page is where you will either sketch or collage your daily intention in the form of an image.
Click here to download the free “Daily Intentions” journal page.

How You Can Work with this Page

1. Begin gathering images from magazines, photocopied photographs, scrap booking, etc. that inspire you or catch your attention. Place them in an envelope close to where you do your daily intentions page.
2. Get a glue stick and keep it by your daily intentions pages.
3. After you write your intention, cut and paste together a collage of an image. Imagine flooding the quantum realm with both words and images that reflect your intention.

The free journal pages are included in all three journals.
The Daily Intentions Journal The Daily Intentions Journal For Artists
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