Geometry in Life

By Dr. Evangeline M.L. Rand, Registered Psychologist (Canada), Consultant

Dr. Evangeline M. L. Rand, Registered Psychologist

From very ancient times worldwide and traditional Wisdom teachings, so lost to the present world, lead us towards reclamation of our primordial birthright. We become aware of the paradoxical truth that not only is awareness a profound mystery, but also that the ten simple numbers and the shapes that represent them are a 'complete' archetypal source book of universal principles in their interwoven, eternal dance. Symbolic mathematics provides a map of our own inner psychological and spiritual structure, the study of which can facilitate the growth and transformation of consciousness. Living within agreement with universal principles is a social responsibility and can be considered a spiritual path.

A disciplined engagement with these endeavors leads the mind 'backwards' towards an 'originary' and 'originating' sense of Oneness. This involves us in the working through of a succession of proportional relationships as well as asymmetrical divisions, which paradoxically, are also both necessary for the progression and extension 'foreword' from "unity".

Gradually, we begin to see the world as a fabrication of subtle -patterns, full of metaphors, analogies and story. And we begin to experience the role of the Observer in the recognition of the subtle and transcendental patterns that underlie the Cosmos, -- right down to our cellular structure. 'Pythagorean eyes' become sensitive to extraordinary moments of transformation - such as the sudden crystallization from the 'mother matrix' of a dense solution, or the astonishing change in form of flowering or fruiting in a plant.

Such analogous moments of transformation in many religious traditions have been called "enlightenment", or the sudden and life changing recognition of extraordinary beauty. Developing such a capacity for subtle receptivity, surrendering some of our misguided initiative, can move us towards what Socrates called the " form of the good", what Christ would call the Holy Spirit, and Buddhists refer to the activity of Sunyata.

Carl Gustav Jung made repeated mention of numerical and geometric "relations" between psyche and nature, a recognition of which is essential for our individuation process - that recognition and acceptance of our primordial nature. For instance, he wrote frequently about the importance of 'squaring the circle', the significance of 'the Trinity', the maxim of Maria Prophetissa on the significant relationship between 3, 4 and 1, the emergence of polarity from oneness, and the worldwide and personal significance of the mandala. A short time before his death Jung was quite clear that there was much work to be done in these overlapping fields, and he urged younger people to pick up this task.

Certainly Jung's great collaborator, Dr. Marie Louise Von Franz, has suggested how important it is for some of us to explore the 'further' nature of the psyche through relating to the parallel Wisdom mysteries of number and the emerging visions of the post - quantum world. She did this herself. The physicist Wolfgang Pauli, having worked with both Jung and Von Franz suggested that "primary mathematical intuition" such as natural qualitative numbers, or a continuum in Geometry, appear to be a tangible connection between the spheres of matter and psyche, a possible psycho-physical mystery suggesting the oneness of all Life phenomena.

About Dr. Rand

Responding to the merest hints of dreams through her severe illness almost five years ago Dr. Rand has had the privilege of becoming a student of Professor Emeritus Keith Critchlow, the Director of Research and Director of Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts at the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture, London, England. Dr. Critchlow encourages his students to learn and teach, learn and teach. 

In her workshops, Dr. Rand shows examples from her own travels in Egypt, Turkey, India and Europe, as well as films on cymatics and fractal geometry. She also mentions associated alchemical literature and diagrams, as well as reference to those artists of the early twentieth century whose work shows the influence of these traditions. Connections are made with Gnostic traditions (particularly some interesting hints in the Gospel of Mary), the Seven Female Liberal Arts of the Middle Ages, the ancient geometrical connections to Hygea, the divine feminine energy associated with healing, and contemporary healing work of Biogeometry.

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