A Jasmine Journey
Carl Jung's Travel to India and Ceylon
1937 - 1938

Jung's Vision During Illness
"Something New"
Emerging from 'Orissa', 1944

With Dr. Evangeline Rand
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This Jasmine Journey is a researched story of Dr. Carl Jung's journey to India in 1937/38 as well as a later vision during deep illness when he witnessed something new emerging from the northern coast of Orissa (now Odisha) on the Bay of Bengal.

There are several reasons why this is an exciting story.  This is the first time Jung's actual route and travel organization has been presented.  In a sense, there is a simple reason for this.  Dr. Rand was conceived in Northern Orissa a few miles from an important segment of Jung's personal journey, and a year before the emergence of what Jung newly saw during a later illness vision in 1944.  Illness can provide a portal towards deepening consciousness.

Because it is the land of her birth and childhood, the archival file of "mere souvenirs" of Jung's journey sprang to life for Dr. Rand in the Zurich archives.

Born into the horrors of World War II, and the tail end of the British Imperial Raj, she was also born into the ambience of Adivasi tribal peoples of Orissa. Settling into the historical and geographic complexities of those times highlights some of the conflicts a depth psychologist would have faced and still faces.

Dr. Rand weaves threads of Jung's India/Ceylon experiences back into texts of his later 'diamond works'. She shows the enormous present day relevance of Jung's mature work - braiding global corporate mining horrors with the field of depth psychology as well as the paradoxical honouring of World Soul.

So sit back and relax and let the drama unfold.  If there are words you have never heard before, no need to panic.  Their meaning will unfold as the story unfolds.

Throughout the story, Dr. Rand uses place names as they would have been used during Jung's journey.  And indeed, how Dr. Rand heard the names throughout her childhood in India.

Interview with Dr. Evangeline Rand

How did Dr. Rand become interested in Jung's travels in India?

Why is it important for people to read or listen to this book at this point in history?

Tell us about the connections you are making to what's happening in India now and how does that connect back to Jung's journey there?

Table of Contents


Chapter 1
          Little Boy Carl and his Genius
          Running toward His Genius

Chapter 2
          A Supper Conversation
          Radical Creation through Grief
          Getting Out of the Battle Zone: A 'Coming out' Conversation in a 
          Changing World
          Or … Remaining Silent and Unethically Inactive

Chapter 3
          An Early Elephant Rumble
          My Early Elephant Rumble

Chapter 4
          Constructing and Being Constructed? Number Four
          My Early Interest in Jung
          Number Four’s Interest in Jung: Becoming Child

Chapter 5
          My Interest in Jung's India/Ceylon Journey: 1937-1938

Chapter 6
          Differentiations: Greenwich 2006 (International Association of Jungian Studies, IAJS, Conference)

Chapter 7
          “On His Majesty's Service”: Jung’s Journey to India
          The Plan of Travel

Chapter 8
          India Journey Part I: Darjeeling and Calcutta
          Pre-Congress Excursion: Darjeeling
          The Congress: Kali and Lord Rutherford
          Lord Rutherford’s Calcutta Presidential Address: A Few Notes

Chapter 9
          Jung’s India/Ceylon Journey: Part II
          Puri, Karnak, and Bhubaneshwar: The Golden Triangle of Pilgrimage
          Mysore: Searching Conversations with Subrahmanya Iyer: A Few Notes
          Malabar, West Coast of India

Chapter 10
          Jung’s India/Ceylon Journey: A Vishnu Hexagram: Part III
          Intimations of Six “India /Ceylon threads” Woven back into in the
          European/Western Primary Domain of His Own Analysis:
          A More Complex Weave
          1. First of the Six India/Ceylon Threads: A More Complex Weave
          2. Second of the Six India/Ceylon Threads: A More Complex Weave
          3. Third of the Six India/Ceylon Threads: A More Complex Weave
          4. Fourth of the Six India/Ceylon Threads: A More Complex Weave
          5. Fifth of the Six India/Ceylon Threads: A More Complex Weave
          6. Sixth of the Six India/Ceylon Threads: A More Complex Weave

Chapter 11
          Hexagrams, Cubes and Golden Proportion: Intimations of "World Soul"
          Tracking the Tiger Tracking

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