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Program to Activate your Business Consciousness

Who is this Mentoring Program for?
This mentoring program is a call to action for all people dedicated to a life of service to others. It is designed to assist you to learn about the business side of your work as a helping professional. It is intended for counsellors, counselling students, therapists, clinical social workers, life coaches, and psychologists. It is for new counsellors looking for information on the business side of private practice; counsellors in the public system longing to have their own private practice yet unsure of how to start; and counsellors in private practice looking to take their Business to the next level.

What is the intention of the Mentoring Program?
This 3 month program focuses on the Business aspects of your life in service to others. It emphasizes co-creation of your business working in partnership with Creative Source Energy within a participatory universe. Mentees learn to work with intention and with both inner and outer realms of being as they develop their business of substance with soul.

Program To Activate Your Business Consciousness by Dr. Duanita G. Eleniak

What do I learn in the Mentoring Program?

This program asks you to be mindful of the principle of ‘oneness’ as it operates in the Business aspects of your work. Through specific exercises, the program and accompanying workbook leads you through the aspects of envisioning, thinking/feeling, learning and then doing what is necessary to create the thriving business of your dreams.

Using tools designed for counsellors to move through emotional, mental, educational and action blocks about business and Business development, mentees are inspired to economic self-care in order that they can fulfill their calling as helpers and leaders in the world to their absolute ultimate highest potential possible.

Working with the ideas and tools introduced in this program, mentees may:

  • Be able to create healthy economic practices and habits in their counselling Business and in their life reflecting economic self-care
  • Gain an understanding of both inner and outer principles of energy as they apply to the Business of private practice.
  • Be able to identify the unique aspects of the Business of private practice.
  • Become aware of their personal blocks (emotional, mental and action) preventing them from actualizing a private practice with a strong economic base.
  • Be inspired to continue to develop their awareness, knowledge and daily practical relationship with the inner and outer reality connection as it operates in the Business element of their counselling practice.
  • Have practical tools that they can use to support their continued work in the area of personal and private practice economic self-care.
  • Have access to a community of like-minded helping professionals who are dedicated to creating personal and Business economic strength for the purpose of fulfilling their calling in the helping profession to the highest degree possible.
  • Get new ideas about creating multiple streams of income in their private practice.
  • Learn how to build strong counselling businesses that support counselling activities and give a solid economic foundation from which to provide leadership with the development and implementation of innovative and creative counselling programs in the world. 

Through doing the activities participants may discover a new Business attitude in private practice and in the approach to serving others.

Why is this Program Important?
Call to Action:

This Mentoring Program is a call to action for all people in the helping professions at this point in history. As helping professionals we need to take personal responsibility for creating economic strength in our counselling Business and personal lives.

While we are usually well trained as counsellors to go into the field, we are usually given no training in the business of counselling and give no thought to the need for such information. If we do want to learn about business, most mainstream business courses are not applicable to practices based in strong ethical codes. 

As a result, we have a huge number of people requiring counselling services and on public agency waitlists while at the same time having a huge number of highly skilled private practitioners needing clients in their private practice. This glaring gap can be addressed innovatively through economics. 

As helping professionals accept full responsibility for personal and Business economic well-being they can present as world leaders coming from a position of independent economic strength enabling the possibility of building a bridge across this economic gap preventing services.


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