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BCATA Professional Development Workshop: Medicine Wheel

On Saturday, April 24, 2014 the BC Art Therapy Association presented a professional development workshop led by art therapist Sophia Schneider. Sophia moved participants through an exploration of the Medicine Wheel gently weaving in connections to Erikson’s psycho-social stages of human development.

Sophia Schneider

Sophia’s decades of experience as an outstanding art therapist and human being shone through in her warm, casual style which was laced with beautiful gems of art therapy wisdom. She generously shared her experience, knowledge and history of traditional healing arts.

medecine wheel, drums and smudge

Michelle Oucharek-Deo (BCATA president) and Deb Broadhurst (BCATA vice-president) along with a team of BCATA representatives and volunteers helped to form the event into a community gathering by providing beautiful food and a warm climate of shared learning and continued growth for all that attended.

Deb Broadhurst

Connect with the BC Art Therapy website and their facebook page to keep informed about future professional development opportunities.

Remember, being qualified as an art therapist is only the first step in the lifelong learning journey.

Lynn Oucharek-Deo and Sophia Scheider

Let’s continue to learn together.

Duanita G Eleniak

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