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A Memorial Journey 2014

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Dr. Duanita interviews Dr. Evangeline Rand about the Elizabeth MacElroy Memorial Journeys. In 2014, Dr. Rand undertook a journey to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the first World War. Join her in these fascinating interviews about her journeys through the battlefields of World War in Europe.

Dr. Rand offers threads of explanation about the Elizabeth MacElroy Memorial Journeys she has undertaken. She discusses the importance of visiting the World War battlefields of Europe and how she approaches the battlefields.

Dr. Rand discusses why Arras, France is so important in her journeys. Canadian identity was forged in World War I.

Dr. Rand discusses the significance of World War I in a cultural context.

Dr. Rand talks about the black Madonnas of the World Wars and how they were used by the troops in wartimes.

Dr. Rand tells us the story of her namesake and the story of Talbot House.

How Do I Talk To My Children About Going to a Counselor?

Franziska von Eysmondt, social work student from Germany, interviews Dr. Duanita G. Eleniak, PhD, art therapist, clinical social worker and philosopher of consciousness studies about how to talk to children about going to a Counselor.

Dr. Duanita answers questions such as: What is the best way is to talk to children about counseling? What to do if my child doesn't want to go to counselling? What do I say if my child asks me what we do there? What if they are scared to go in alone? Do you talk to me as a parent either before or after the counseling time with our child? When do I get a chance to know what is happening in the playroom or ask questions? How frequent are the parent meetings? Do you ever keep what children say confidential or do you share everything with me as a parent? What if my child won't tell me anything?  For a transcript of this interview, please read the article.

Program to Activate Your Business Consciousness

If you are the kind of counsellor who knows that you have been ‘called’ to serve others and you want to learn more about the business side of private practice in order to succeed at being as effective as possible at serving to your highest potential, then this is the book for you. Learn more about the book.

Why I created the Program to Activate Your Business Consciousness?

Dr. Duanita shares her experiences as a counsellor in private practice that led her to write a book specifically for helping professionals that focuses on your ethical obligation to begin a journey to economic empowerment in order that you are able to act as a catalyst for change at the highest level of your potential in your vocation of service to others.

Who is the Program to Activate Your Business Consciousness for?

Dr. Duanita explains that the Program to Activate Your Business Consciousness is for counsellors who are either in private practice and looking to grow it or who are interested in beginning a private practice. Because the book has a transpersonal/spiritual approach to business it is recommended for you as a helping professional especially if you regard your work as a vocation, know that you have been 'called' to serve others, and want to ensure that you are doing so at your highest potential.

What problem does the Program to Activate Your Business Consciousness address?

Dr. Duanita addresses the question 'Why are there so many fully trained and experienced helping professionals having trouble growing their private counselling practice when there are so many people in need of help and our government funded agencies have wait lists?

Why read this book?

Dr. Duanita outlines 4 main reasons why it is important for you as a helping professional to take full responsibility to learn ways to attain economic empowerment in order that you: 
1) ensure that your those people in need of your services have access to you; 
2) keep your ethical obligation of self care; 
3) never rely on clients for income and thus risk interference in treatment planning; and 
4) you are able to answer your calling to serve others to the highest of your potential.

Buy Program to Activate Your Business Consciousness

What does the Program to Activate Your Business Consciousness teach?

Dr. Duanita explains the 3 main parts of the program. You will: 
1) learn ways to change your belief systems and develop an abundance of consciousness; 
2) identify specialized education you require in order to achieve your vision; and
3) make a plan to identify the actions required to bring your vision to reality.

Course in Forgiveness: Easy Steps to Forgiveness
Working with Intentions to Assist the Journey of Forgiveness

An Online Course in Forgiveness was written to answer your question “How do I forgive?” The course intention is to help you experience answers to your question by teaching about forgiveness and showing you effective ways to work with daily intentions and images to assist this mysterious process to be as graceful and easy as possible for you. Free online course

I Introduction: How Do I Forgive

An introduction to A Course in Forgiveness with emphasis on how working with daily intentions can be a potent force to speed recovery to the sense of peace and joy that forgiveness can bring.

Free online course

Counselling Ethics and the New Worldview

Ideas are presented in this online course to provoke a conversation about the implications for counselling ethics and practices of the current paradigm shift in consciousness. Emphasis is placed on it being the ethical responsibility of all helping professionals to learn about the new developments in the areas of science and to ponder the implications for the field of counselling. The need for a new psycho-spiritual paradigm in the field of psychology is presented along with the need to address these issues in our codes of ethics so that counsellors have some guidance in this pioneering territory. Free online course 

I Introduction: The Ethical Responsibility of Helping Professionals

An introduction to the millennium shift of 2012 and the ethical responsibility of helping professionals in their role as leaders in the area of consciousness changes. Free online course

Sacred Geometry Interview with Dr. Evangeline Rand

Dr. Rand, Psychologist, educator and writer talks about the geometry and patterns of life sometimes known as sacred geometry which Dr. Rand practices, studies and teaches. She shares the dream that initiated this endeavor; her ideas about why it is important to learn how to practise; and why it is currently relevant.

Interview with Dr. Evangeline Rand - Part 1

Dr. Evangeline Rand, psychologist, educator and writer tells the story of how she came to study, practice and teach about the geometry and patterns of life, sometimes known to us as sacred geometry. She shares the dream that initiated her journey “For 2, 3, 5” and how Dr. Russell Lockhart made mention of the Fibonacci sequence of numbers.  An enquiry was opened up.

Interview with Dr. Evangeline Rand - Part 2

Dr. Evangeline Rand tells us about the Fibonacci Sequence. She stresses that the best way to understand this sequence and its numbers is to work with our hands, drawing and developing connections. She also addresses the question, “Why is this important to learn?

Interview with Dr. Evangeline Rand - Part 3

Dr. Evangeline Rand talks about sacred geometry as a meditative practice. She briefly addressed the Seven Female Liberal Arts which she discovered by exploring. She introduces the Chartrian 'Chariot of Educational Principles and the Wisdom teachings' of the Middle Ages. She talks about making beautiful forms to engage with and honour 'Cosmic Wisdom'. The point is emphasized that we must do the practice in order to gain understanding.

Interview with Dr. Evangeline Rand - Part 4

Dr. Evangeline Rand talks about her personal approach and interests in this field. She describes her interest in the underlying soul of the processes as they reveal themselves to her. She mentions some of her significant teachers - Carl Jung, Keith Critchlow, Gandhi and Russell Lockhart. She emphasizes the importance of working with our hands - with the whole of ourselves.

Interview with Dr. Evangeline Rand - Part 5

Dr. Evangeline Rand addresses the profound territory and realms of mystery portrayed through primary number and even simple geometry. She addresses the words associated with this field “sacred geometry” “the art of geometry” and “geometry of life”. She talks about how it is difficult to describe in words those processes that are ever changing and which are often best apprehended through a developing visual language. The importance of the tools of geometry and number are addressed as sacred objects and part of the old mystery teachings. Even the tools can touch us deeply.

Interview with Dr. Evangeline Rand - Part 6

Dr. Evangeline Rand discusses how traveling has helped her exploring the fields of sacred geometry. She talks travel as pilgrimage,  - traveling into spaces to give blessing and to receive blessing. For example, she shares something of her experiences in Glastonbury and the Alhambra in Spain. The importance of having a beginner’s mind and seeing with children’s eyes are revealed. She shares the delightful story of her five year old granddaughter’s spontaneous mandala “The Bluejay Nest”, - made from apples and twigs.

Interview with Dr. Evangeline Rand - Part 7

Dr. Evangeline Rand weaves geometry into what is now often called the profession of 'art therapy'. She discusses 'the mandala' and questions like: What are the ancient wisdom teachings in the making of the circle?  Have these Wisdom mysteries disappeared?  What does it mean to divide the circle?  What is our experience of being divided? What are the generative functions of the circle? She reflects that number and geometry give us a language or 'a way', to share with each other our engagements with life's mystery, surprises and shocks. She talks about caring for a dream like keeping a pebble in your pocket: a pebble reminds us of something important which we tend to forget easily. 

Podcast 1:  Believe In The Moment

Stu Rosen interviews Duanita G. Eleniak whose book “Be the Change: Acting with Intention” made it to the top 10% worldwide in the 2010 Next Top Spiritual Author competition. Dr. Duanita answers the question “What led you to your journey through acting school? “ She talks about her passion to assist the current shift in worldview and the crucial role the arts have to play to provide the vision and the feelings necessary for such a shift to manifest. She describes how she began with the idea of changing the world and how she very quickly discovered that it was her that had be the change if change was to occur at all.

Podcast 2: Believe In The Moment

Stu Rosen interviews Duanita G. Eleniak whose book “Be the Change: Acting with Intention” made it to the top 10% worldwide in the 2010 Next Top Spiritual Author competition. Stu Rosen applauds Dr. Duanita’s choice to become an actor in order to ‘be the change’, rather than to go into the production end of the business. Dr. Duanita talks about how she partnered with Creative Source Energy on a daily basis throughout her journey and how through signs, dreams and synchronicities she was led to make this choice. She speaks about only now, through time, has she begun to see the brilliance of the path through which she was led.

Podcast 3: Believe In The Moment

Stu Rosen interviews Duanita G. Eleniak whose book “Be the Change: Acting with Intention” made it to the top 10% worldwide in the 2010 Next Top Spiritual Author competition. Dr. Duanita describes her work as crossing the fields of science, psychology, spirituality and humanities in a dynamic and inspiring way which touches people at exactly the place where they are.

Podcast 4: Inspiring by Example: Interview with Fabienne Gassman

Interview with Fabienne Gassman, author of a daily intentions workbook entitled “The Days of My Life”. Fabienne describes how she was inspired to write her workbook and shares the experiences of the various groups and people who are working with her workbook. Her story is an example which helps us remember that simply by doing our daily intention work we lift others. More information about the Free Online Course In Daily Intentions.

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