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Visioning Your Ultimate Business Workshop

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Dr. Duanita interviews Lynn Oucharek of O Vision Consulting who is focused on activating people and organizations to create innovative growth. With 17 years experience in communication, core strength/team building and leadership in company culture and direction, Lynn is passionate about guiding people towards amazing solutions.

Her use of values based exercises and vision board development, along with practical business applications, inspires individuals and groups to reach new successes. She utilizes her degrees in Psychology, Marketing and Vision Board Coaching to create ties between individual strengths and your over all story, while defining new paths along the way.

Lynn facilitates, trains, speaks, coaches and leads customized programs in core strengths/creativity/innovation that moves people forward. She volunteers with the South Meridian youth leadership group and works regularly with non profit groups in developing their vision for the future.

Why are you so passionate about creativity and innovation?

Lynn talks about her 15 years of experience working creatively in a corporate environment and talks about the importance of being passionate about creativity and innovation.  She shares tips on how to live the life you really want and how to have amazing experiences every day in your life.

Discovering core strengths

Lynn discusses how to discover your core strengths.  What are your hobbies, interests, deep passions and loves where you have developed deep knowledge? How do you pull them to the forefront to carve out a new career or business?  What is the creative collective?  How do you get into the flow and become one with what you are doing? She discusses making connections with people in a business environment and sharing with people to create new paths to move forward your life.

Tools to create a strong vision

Discussion of how the workshop helps you to create a strong vision and vision statements. What does your vision look like?  What does it feel like?  Lynn helps you go beyond a list of goals and talks about how to work through them, identifying your core values, how to put them in order, identifying defining moments in your life and what matters to you most. She talks about developing your vision from the inside out and how to use your vision to make decisions when you face that fork in the road in your life experiences.

Turning points

Lynn shares turning points in her life and how she discovered moving towards creativity. When confronted with not being creative in her corporate career, she realized she was being judged based on old fashioned ways of thinking about creativity, the borders, boundaries and rules about being creative that affect our ability to overcome fears. She discusses how to extend ideas and see yourself as being creative and how to create a new vision for yourself.

Getting to the core of "being remarkable"

Lynn discusses seeing yourself in new ways and building your story. What is the "why" behind what you are doing? How do you differentiate yourself from everyone else? She talks about being in a headspace of big thoughts and how to use big thoughts in building your life and your career.

Mortgages For Women Going Through Divorce
Interview with Karen Boies

Karen Boies is a mortgage broker specializing in helping women with mortgages as they go through divorce. In this podcast she shares tips and issues specific to this issue which can assist you whether you are a woman going through divorce, a woman whose girlfriend is going through divorce or a counsellor who likes to keep current with resources that can help your clients. Karen made a presentation at the September 22, 2011 Mindful Mentorship In-Person Gathering.

Mortgages For Women Going Through Divorce

Karen Boies and Dr. Duanita discuss important financial issues for women to consider when going through divorce.   Karen is committed to her vision of financial empowerment for women. Her philosophy is that when women build themselves a strong financial base, it becomes much easier for them to make excellent, informed choices in all areas of their lives.

Financial Freedom Study Group

The Financial Freedom Study Group is a community of helping professionals who are educating themselves and taking action to shift their belief systems about wealth, committing themselves to specialized learning, and taking action to grow strong in the area of finances. 

Introduction To The Financial Freedom Study Group

Dr. Duanita discusses the importance of financial freedom for counsellors, why it is an important goal for counsellors and what the results would be if her vision became reality.

Financial Freedom Study Group

Green Zone Talk: Interview with Susan Chapman
February 15, 2011

Susan Chapman MA talks about the programs she developed for Green Light Conversations which are based on innovative 'we-first' models that reflect the 'radically fresh' principles of contemplative psychology. Susan, a licensed Marriage and Family therapist, brings her training in mindfulness into the field of communication, which is the essence of all relationships.

Interview with Susan Chapman - Part 1

Susan Chapman shares the rare opportunities and experiences she has had in her life to live in transformational communities and learn about how we speak to each other as being the basis of how we transform our society. She talks of the origination of her idea to create retreats and workshops which are “stem cells for awakened society” where people can experience a transformational atmosphere, get information about an alternative way of being together and experience a safe environment that allows them to go deeply into the truth of their being.

Interview with Susan Chapman - Part 2

Susan Chapman shares her ideas about communication summarized in her article “Stop Go Wait” available at Green Light Conversations. She describes ideas about the basic goodness of human nature as having 3 components: an awake body, a tender heart and an open mind. When we are in touch with this natural communication system which is an aspect our ourselves we will find that communication flows.

Interview with Susan Chapman - Part 3

Susan Chapman describes the five workshops that she and Greg Heffron have developed for people to go and have a transformational experience. The workshops explore the five powers of mindful communications. The Five Powers of Mindful Conversation; The Chemistry of Relationship; The Stories of Our Lives: Unfreezing The Photo Album; Creating Emotional Green Zones; The Power of Peacemaking

Interview with Susan Chapman - Part 4

Susan Chapman talks about her book Powers of Mindful Communication: Lessons Learned in Hidden Places. She explains the importance of creating green zones both individually and with other people.

Interview with Susan Chapman - Part 5

Susan Chapman describes the responses from people who have taken the mindful communication workshops. They appreciate the simplicity of the model, developing new language in which to communicate and the opportunity to explore the meaning of the information in small groups during the workshop.

Interview with Susan Chapman - Part 6

Susan Chapman describes contemplative psychology and its similarity and differences with Western psychology. The sacred space of counselling is compared to the transformational experience of green zones. www.greenzonetalk.com

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