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Academic Courses
Business Professional Development Presentations

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Academic Courses

Presentations and Workshops by the Mentoring Store

Adler Institute for Professional Psychology: Professional Ethics and Practice

University of Phoenix: Skills for Lifelong Learning; Gen/300 Skills for Professional Development; Psy/103 Introduction to Psychology; Psy/200 Introduction to Psychology; Psy/250 Psychology of Personality; Psy/280 Human Growth & Development; Psy/300 General Psychology; Psy/320 Human Motivation; Psy/350 Adult Development; Psy/355 Motivational Processes in Human Psychology; Psy/360 Cognitive Psychology; Psy/375 Life Span Human Development; Psy/390 Learning and Cognition; Psy/400 Social Psychology; Psy/405 Theories of Personality; Psy/430 Team Dynamics for Managers; Psy/435 Industrial/organizational Psychology; Psy/450 Diversity and Cultural Factors in Psychology; Psy/460 Environmental Psychology; Psy/480 Elements of Clinical Psychology; Psy/C320 Human Motivation; Psy/538 Lifespan Development and Learning; Soc/100 Introduction to Sociology; Soc/110 Teamwork, Collaboration, and Conflict Resolution; Soc/200 Introduction to Sociology; Soc/315 Cultural Diversity; Independent Studies.

Business Professional Development Presentations

Ceridian Lifeworks: Work/Life Balance; Stress Management; Coaching Skills: Developing & Motivating Your Staff; Conflict Management; Managing Change in the Workplace; Creating A Positive Work Environment: Tools for Managing Interpersonal Relationships in the Workplace; OneSource Program: A Guide for Managers; The Juggling Act; Balancing Work and Family Life;

Activate your Business Consciousness: A business course presentation for helping professionals which focuses on the business aspects of the helping professions. It teaches how to build a private practice while working in partnership with the non-physical as well as physical realms of being. It is intended for counsellors, therapists, art therapists, expressive arts therapists, play therapists, psychologists, registered clinical counsellors, clinical social workers, coaches, mentors, and consultants who are either in or considering going into private practice. Four simple tools intended for daily use are introduced; personal belief systems and thoughts about yourself, the world and different aspects of business are explored in order to ensure support on an inner level for business; and the importance of business education and taking action are addressed.

Workshops and Courses

Supervision of Counselling Skills for New Therapists: This group addresses professional issues and cases in a supportive community.

Self-Care for Counsellors: In this course participants will explore various issues related to empowerment: self-esteem; boundaries; body issues; acceptance of personal responsibility; creativity; etc. Participants will learn ways to connect with and maintain their own sense of personal power in order to be able to facilitate such connections for their clients. Techniques for application in the participant’s professional and personal life will be worked with including: monitoring self-talk; identification of old belief systems; use of positive affirmations; etc. The teaching model in this course is experiential.

Problem Solving in the Studio: In this course counsellors will work with professional, educational, and personal issues in a studio atmosphere in order to gain clarity, insight, support and direction. A creative approach to problem solving will be explored utilizing various creative medium in both an individual and group context.

Tools to Change Your Belief Systems and Your Relationships: This workshop will be an introduction to some basic tools that can be helpful to people who would like to change their belief systems connected to the arena of relationships. Participants will be asked to become aware of their beliefs about relationships, which ones might be preventing them from having the kind of relationships that they want and ways that they can choose to work on a daily basis to change their beliefs and therefore their experience. The workshop will cover journaling, working with affirmations, and working with intention.

Empowerment Groups for Women: This group is educational and experiential. Topics such as creativity, self-esteem, affirmations, personal passion, and moving through personal creative blocks are covered. Collage is utilized as a means of envisioning transformation for ourselves.

Visioning: Practical Applications for Therapists: In this course, participants learn the process of Visioning, a creative way to bring their ideas, dreams, and goals into reality. Various practical applications of the process will be taught which will assist participants in their professional and personal lives. Topics include: creating your ideal work as a therapist; problem solving difficult cases; creating a balanced life; self-care; career goals; life goals; case/client goals; etc. The course is experiential with the focus being on collage making. All participants will be required to bring in collage supplies.

Developing Relationships with Dream Images: In this course participants will be taught a variety of ways to enter into relationship with their personal dream images. The focus will be on the amplification versus the interpretation of images. As participants learn ways to connect to their own higher vision, they will gain insight and understanding into how to facilitate awareness for their clients. Examples of methods taught will include: dream imagery and archetypes; free association; active imagination; bringing the dream to reality; amplification; use of art (painting, sculpture, mask-making, etc.). The teaching model in this course will be lecture, small group discussion and experiential.

Introduction to Working with Art Materials in Counselling: A brief introduction to the schools of thought in art therapy, the theoretical underpinnings in the field, the philosophy of art materials, and the continuum of control inherent in materials. Counsellors will learn how to decide which materials to present to clients as their choices relate to presenting problems and treatment goals. Students will be briefly introduced to working with art materials during the opening and closing of sessions. They will also be introduced to applications with individuals, couples and families. 
3 hr. class; 1 day seminar; weekend workshop

Visioning with Collage: Participants will be introduced to working with collage as a medium for visioning work with clients and for themselves. The theories regarding intentionality will be introduced and worked with as a basis for the visioning process. Through attending to a self-exploratory journey, counsellors will experience the power of images as they connect to goal setting and realization in the context of the counselling relationship. 
3 hr. introductory class; 1 day seminar; weekend workshop; 12 week course of weekly 3 hour sessions

Art Materials and Self-care for Counsellors: Students will be introduced to a variety of art activities and materials that they can work with as tools to ensure the high level of self-care required to maintain vitality as a counsellor. 
3 hr. introductory class; 12 weekly 3-hr sessions; 1 day seminar; weekend workshop; one week intensive

Shifting Emotions: Students will be introduced to the transpersonal field and its practical application to shifting emotions in the context of the counselling relationship. Dr. David Hawkins’s map of consciousness will be the basis from which ways to shift emotions will be taught. Focus will be on 1) subliminal ways to increase self-esteem to ensure good choice-making; 2) practical applications of affirmations; and 3) visioning the desired level of consciousness.
Format: 12 hour course best delivered over 4-8 weeks; 24 hour course best delivered over 8-16 weeks

Case Supervision with Art Materials: Participants will bring cases and situations they are working with in practicum or practise for purposes of consultation. Permission from clients to have their stories reviewed is required for purposes of confidentiality. Students will engage with art materials to express areas that they are wanting help with or which they would like to review. Their art assists to facilitate deeper understanding and insight which they can take back to the situation as counsellors.
Format: 1 3 hr. experiential group; 1 hour individual sessions; 1 day group seminar; weekly or monthly individual or group supervision

Creative Journaling: Journaling will be introduced to students as a tool for debriefing, personal self-care and client homework. Common blocks to journaling will be explored and ways to ease resistance will be taught. Specific work with art materials and journals will be taught. 
3 hr class; 1 day workshop; weekend retreat: 1 year course with monthly group 3 hr classes and weekly (possibly daily) individual coaching

What Now? Images as Guides through Major Life Transitions: Students will learn to work with art materials during times of major life transitions and experience how images can guide them through. Focus will be on work with collage. An ideal course for students about to graduate who are deciding on a life’s path, people who are changing careers or jobs, people considering the transition into marriage, people moving through loss (death, separation, divorce).
Format: 3 hr. class; 1 day seminar; weekend workshop; 1 week intensive

Working with Art Materials in Group Counselling: A brief introduction to the schools of thought in art therapy, the theoretical underpinnings in the field, the philosophy of art materials, and the continuum of control inherent in materials. Counsellors will learn how to work with art materials in groups to facilitate work with presenting problems and treatment goals. 
3 hr class; 1 day workshop; weekend workshop and 1 week intensive

Envision: Vision Boards for the New Paradigm: Envision and literally design your dreams in a six series workshop where you will create your own vision boards. Visioning is one of the first steps to creating your reality. Generating feelings in harmony with your vision is the second step. Creating vision boards in community is a powerful way to activate your inherent power as a co-creator of your reality and help your dreams and intentions to manifest in all areas of your life. Six areas include: Envision Career; Envision Health; Envision Relationships; Envision Family; Envision Abundance; Envision: Open Studio.

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