Professional Bereavement Services: Help for Lifting Spirits

Dr. Duanita provides experienced, specialized care for people who are dealing with death, dying, grieving and mourning. She works with interns, practicum students and other professionals as required.

For those who are living with loss or facing end of life issues, emotions can be overwhelming. Often the people that you usually turn to are caught up in the same process. These are the points in time when it is important to reach out for a little help.

Common grief reaction for people who are mourning, grieving or facing end of life issues include: overwhelming feeling (sadness, anger, despair, guilt); sleep issues; appetite changes; cry easily; confusion; forgetfulness; irritability; and inability to concentrate.

If you are experiencing more than one of these symptoms, our services may be of benefit to you.


Professional Bereavement Services
Offering high quality, specialized help with end of life issues, bereavement and mourning:
For Adults/Caregivers:

1. Individual, couple and group counselling support
2. Assistance with parenting through loss
3. Assistance with end of life issues

For Children and Youth:

1. Art therapy, play therapy, sandtray work
2. Individual, family and group counselling/support

For Families:

1. Verbal and non-verbal family counselling
2. In-home visits as required

For Seniors:

1. Assistance with end of life issues
2. Counselling for grief, despair, depression
3. Home visits and outreach as required
4. Liaison with family members at distance
5. Companionship services

For Pets:

1. Loving care through illness and passing of a beloved animal
2. Support for loved ones
3. Work with animals to assist human recovery


1. A trained professional to support you in a time of crisis and recovery
2. Personal and compassionate attention
3. Information about grief, loss, community resources
4. Safe, nurturing small group environments for peer support and to learn you are never alone


1. Fees
2. Sliding fee scale
3. Scholarships are provided as needed
4. Work with Employee Assistance Programs, ICBC and other insurance programs 


The studio is located at Lonsdale Key near the Sea Bus station in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. Therapy is also available on location as required: home visits; hospital visits; telephone consultations.

Service Commitment

Dedicated to providing counselling, support and education to people going through major life transitions brought on by the death or end of life stage of a loved one.

1. assisting bereaved people to rebuild their lives

2. moving from pain to healing

3. making a difference for people

We are committed to supporting people through their dark times in gentle, caring, loving and compassionate ways, to assist them as they meet their needs and move to an enhanced quality of life.

We are passionate in our desire to assist people through crisis periods and toward restabilization at levels of joy, peace, love and harmony. We assist people to connect with the courage and confidence to enter a new phase of life.

Our vision is to inspire and lift spirits of those in transition; to empower them to take care of themselves and their loved ones. Contact

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