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Counselling and Art Therapy Services

Counselling and Art Therapy Services


Dr. Duanita is a Registered Clinical Social Worker, a Registered Art Therapist and a philosopher of consciousness studies. She specializes in transpersonal counselling and works with people of all ages who are dealing with trauma (sexual abuse/assault; accidents; illness); loss (death, divorce, life transitions; job displacement; career changes); and mental health issues (anxiety, depression, PTSD, addictions). She works with verbal counselling as well as art therapy, play therapy and sandtray work. The most common words used to describe the work that people do with Duanita are “inspiring” and “epiphany”. Her theoretical approach is eclectic and she draws on elements from the humanistic, cognitive/behavioral, psychodynamic, and transpersonal schools of thought depending on the situation and client that she is dealing with. Order

Consultation Services Consultation Services



Dr. Duanita serves as a consultant to other helping professionals (counsellors, registered social workers, registered psychologists, registered clinical counsellors, art therapists, play therapists, expressive therapists, music therapists, teachers, educators, etc.) and agencies. She provides consultations on difficult cases (practitioners are responsible to obtain written consent), career changes, agency staff relations, set-up of office/studios/playrooms, and effective management. Order

Supervision For Art Therapists Supervision for Art Therapists


Dr. Duanita is registered as an art therapist with the American Association of Art Therapy, the British Columbia Association of Art Therapy, and the Canadian Association of Art Therapy. She provides individual and group supervision for art therapists who require supervision by a registered art therapist while they are working toward gaining their own registration with these associations. Order

Sexual Abuse/Assault Consultation Specialist


Dr. Duanita serves as a specialized sexual abuse/assault consultant to individuals, helping professionals and agencies. Areas of case consultation that can be addressed include: family history; presenting problems and client resources; assessment/interpretive summary; treatment planning (service plan/client goals and objectives/steps to goals and time frames/setting priorities); treatment interventions; effectiveness of treatment; exploring alternative interventions; involvement of other family, supports and/or community resources; discharge/transitioning; ethical issues; safety; legal issues; cultural issues; case management/caseload; file management/documentation; community relationships; time management; and clinician self-care. Order

Mentorship Services Mentorship Services


Dr. Duanita provides individual, peer and business mentoring programs. The business mentoring program is a call to action for all people dedicated to a life of service to others. It is designed to assist you to learn about the business side of your work as a helping professional. It is intended for counsellors, counselling students, therapists, clinical social workers, life coaches, and psychologists. It is for new counsellors looking for information on the business side of private practice; counsellors in the public system longing to have their own private practice yet unsure of how to start; and counsellors in private practice looking to take their Business to the next level. Order Business Mentorship, Order Individualized Mentorship, Connect with Peer Mentorship Programs

Distance Counselling Services Distance Counselling Services



This program is for people who have worked with Dr. Duanita in the past and who are in need of brief, occasional contact in order to maintain the positive changes that they are involved with making in their lives. It provides brief intervention to assist clients, students and mentees back to implementing the self-help plans and healthy habits that they develop through their counselling/mentoring process. These contacts are intended to inspire, encourage and remind you of what you are capable of and how far you have come. Sessions adjust to accommodate lifestyle, travel and those living in another country. Order

Professional Bereavement Services Professional Bereavement Services: Help for Lifting Spirits


Offering high quality, specialized help with end of life issues, bereavement and mourning for adults/caregivers, children and youth, families, seniors and pets. Individual, couple and group counselling support; assistance with parenting through loss; assistance with end of life issues; counselling for grief, despair and depression; loving care through illness and passing of a beloved animal; in-home and hospital visits as required. Assists people and pets to connect with the courage and confidence to enter a new phase of life. Order

Presentations and Workshops

The Mentoring Store provides a variety of presentations and workshops. For more information on our workshops and presentations, click here. If you wish to custom order a presentation or workshop contact for more details. Tuition for presentations and workshops varies depending on topic, location, length, etc. For a quote contact us.

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