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     A Jasmine Journey, Carl Jung’s Travel to India and Ceylon 1937-1938 and Jung’s Vision During Illness - “Something New” Emerging from Orissa, 1944
     Be The Change: Acting With Intention
     Free Chapter 11 The Way Ahead

     Free Online Course in Counselling Ethics and the New Worldview
     Free Online Course In Daily Intentions
     Free Online Course in Forgiveness
     Introductory Course to Images and Intentions

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     A Threshold for Wisdom
     Adler University Vision Board Workshop
     An Objective Therapy Space
     Animal Assisted Therapy
     Art Therapy: Conversations in Cleaning
     Art Therapy Education: ‘Winter White’ at Adler University
     Art Therapy With Children, Visioning Your Practice: An Activity
     Child Art Therapy Scribbles And Squiggles
     Creating A Healing Art Therapy Space, Five Considerations
     Dancing For Wellness, Expressive Therapy
     Going Into Private Counselling Practice
     How Do I Talk To My Children About Going to a Counselor?
     Image of Ethics: A Conversation with Art Therapy Director Duanita Eleniak, Ph.D.
     The Geometry Of Life
     The Mentoring Store: How the Website Got Its Name
     Therapy Guidelines, Handling Disclosures Of Child Sexual Abuse, British Columbia, Canada

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Dr. Evangeline M. L. Rand
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     2018 Vision Board Workshop Series
     2018 Vision Board Workshop Registration
     2018 'Cows Can be Purple' Workshop Series
     2018 'Cows Can be Purple' Workshop Registration
     Open Studios at Adler University Art Therapy Studio
     Open Studios at Adler University Registration

Special Events
     October 7, 2010 "Branding From The Inside Out. Does Your Brand Measure Up?"
     January 6, 2011 "Digital Strategy Marketing"
     January 28-30, 2011 "Weaving Canadian Identity: Jung, World War I and Mary Magdalene" and "Geometry of Life"
     February 10, 2011 "Stop The Insanity"
     March 10, 2011 "Chakra Opening, Balancing and Clearing for Practitioner Self-Care"
     April 21, 2011 "Green Light Conversations"
     May 12, 2011 "Lessons from the Financial Freedom Study Group"
     September 14, 2011: Free Seminar: "The Business of Private Practice from a Spiritual Perspective"
     September 22, 2011 "Mortgages For Women Going Through Divorce"
     September 28, 2011 "Counselling Ethics and the New Worldview Webinar"
     Oct 1, 2011 "Program to Activate Your Business Consciousness Workshop"
     Oct 23, 2011 "Program to Activate Your Business Consciousness Webinar"
     Nov 5, 19, 26, 2011 "Visioning Your Ultimate Business Workshops"
     December, 2011 - January, 2012 "Envision 2012 Workshops"
     May 26, 2012 "Envision Your Ideal Private Practice"
     Nov 11-12, 2012 "Geometry in Life Workshop"

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