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Special Events

JANUARY 28-30, 2011

Mandala for Black Madonna
        artwork by Dr. Evangeline Rand
                  with Shelley Wales

Weaving Canadian Identity:
Jung, W.W.I And Mary Magdalene
Introductory Workshop To
The Geometry of Life

by Dr. Evangeline Rand

artwork by Dr. Evangeline Rand       

An Evening Presentation/Conversation with Dr. Rand titled "Jung, World War I And Mary Magdalene"
Friday, January 28, 2011, 6-7:30pm

You are invited to attend this Special Event with Dr. Evangeline Rand.  Her presentation will weave together three threads: World War I; the parallel development of Carl Jung’s Analytical Psychology and the archetype of Mary Magdalene. All of her insights come from her extensive explorations through study, travel and clinical work. She will address the recent publication of Dr. Carl Jung’s Red Book and will draw upon her pilgrimages through France, Northern Spain, Italy and England.

You are also invited to be a part of her weekend experiential Workshop on "The Geometry Of Life". The public presentation and weekend workshop will be held at  201- 431 Mountain Highway, North Vancouver, BC Canada. You may register by filling out the Registration Form and following the registration instructions provided or call 604-988-5689.  If you are travelling to Vancouver, you may book accomodations closeby at the Holiday Inn & Suites North Vancouver

Weekend Workshop on "The Geometry Of Life"
Saturday, January 29, 2011 9am - 4pm & Sunday, January 30, 2011, 10am - 1pm

This experiential workshop will be an introduction to the area of The Geometry of Life. Through lecture, discussion, and doing your own sacred drawings, Dr. Evangeline Rand will lead you on a journey of discovery into this ancient spiritual discipline. Read her article on The Geometry Of Life.

For the workshop, please arrive at least five minutes early to settle yourself, lay out your equipment and be ready to start our work. Please bring your packed lunch.

Supplies: You will need a good compass (with an extendable arm), a straight edge (free of nicks) and a good, sharp pencil, paper etc.  For a complete list of art supplies required, please visit Workshop Materials Required.

Dr. Evangeline Rand: Through the last eight years, responding to the merest hints of dreams through a severe illness Evangeline has had the privilege of becoming a student of Professor Emeritus Keith Critchlow, the Director of Research and Director of Visual Islamic and Traditional Arts at the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture. Evangeline is indebted to Dr. Critchlow and The Kairos Foundation for the Recovery of Traditional Values in Art and Science. For more information about Dr. Rand, please view Dr. Rand's CV and see examples of her work a list of her Recent Papers and Presentations.

Who Would Benefit from Attending this Workshop: Art Therapists; Counsellors; people interested in Jungian and transpersonal psychology; people interested in a different meditation form; those that synchronicities attracts.

Listen to the podcasts of the Interview with Dr. Rand

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