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Special Events

SEPTEMBER 28, 2011

Counselling Ethics and the New Worldview Webinar
Presenter: Duanita G. Eleniak, MCSW RSW ATR PHD
Time: 9-10am

Join Dr. Duanita as she presents her new work on Ethics and the New Worldview in a webinar hosted by the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association.

Ideas are presented in this online course to provoke a conversation about the implications for counselling ethics and practices of the current paradigm shift in consciousness. Emphasis is placed on it being the ethical responsibility of all helping professionals to learn about the new developments in the areas of science and to ponder the implications for the field of counselling. The need for a new psycho-spiritual paradigm in the field of psychology is presented along with the need to address these issues in our codes of ethics so that counsellors have some guidance in this pioneering territory.

Presented live on Wednesday, September 28 @ 9:00am - 10:00am PDT

Cost:  $55 + HST

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This course has been recorded and will continue to be available for 1 CEC.

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