Special Events Registration

Cost: The cost for attending a Special Event is $25.00

Location: 201-431 Mountain Highway, North Vancouver, B.C.

Please note that all sessions may be audio or video recorded. By attending in person you are agreeing to possibly being recorded. Thank you.

Please register by:
1. Fill out and submit the Registration Form below; and
2. Pay for your registration in the Payment section below.

    Registration Form

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Special Event
1. If paying by credit card:
2.  Call 604-988-5689 with your credit card number.
3.  If paying by cheque, please make cheques payable to and forward payment to: 
Creative Counselling and Education 
201-431 Mountain Highway
North Vancouver, BC 
V7J 2L1 
We appreciate your business.
We value you as a customer.
We look forward to serving you again.
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