Workshop Orientation

Course Name: Workshop Orientation

Mentor: Dr. Duanita G. Eleniak, PhD

When: Continual Enrolment

Available Here

Cost: $54 for general admission. Volunteers, practicum students and work/study workshop participants will be given coupons to access the information for free.

Who Is this Course for? This course is intended for volunteers, practicum students and work/study workshop participants. It may also be of interest to anyone who is planning a workshop and would like to learn about what happens behind the scenes when creating successful experiences for others.

Course Outline:

I Welcome and Course Overview

A. Team Work
B. Philosophy (Exceeding Expectations, role of beauty, role of cleanliness)
C. Consciousness of Holding the Container
D. Listen to this orientation; record the time it takes; ensure you get a link to the Images and Intentions Course in order that you know Dr. Duanita’s approach.

II Descriptions of Tasks

1. Set up of Greeting Table
A. Physical Set-Up (table cloth, flowers)
B. Folders (consent form, handouts, information on other courses; course evaluation form)
C. Name Tags (One side draw their name as they show the world; other side draw their name depicting the side of themselves they never show to the world)
D. Directing People
E. Role of the Welcomer
F. Clean Up (Put everything away)
2. Set up of the Workshop Area
A. Physical Set-Up (in Alchemy; in Art/Play room)
B. The Role of Beauty
C. Setting out garbage/recycling cans
3. Sales Table
A. Physical Set-Up (location,Beauty, Display Copies set-up, chair)
B. Location of Products (books, cd’s, cards)
C. Handling Money and Credit Cards (location/receipts/orders/price sheet/ returning to display cabinet; connect with Dr. Duanita at the end)
4. Food Committee
A. Food Purchase (deciding theme, making the list, getting the money, purchase)
B. Physical Set-Up (location, placement of food and utensils, refilling food, philosophy)
C. Clean-up (continuous clean, dishes during session, doing dishes after session, final distribution of abundance)
5. Tea Area
A. Location (for tea area; of tea pots and tea cups; candles)
B. Area set-up (caffeine and herbal; snacks)
C. On-going clean (check for candles; take away dirty cups; refill snacks)
D. Final Clean-Up (dishes; snack give away)
6. Bathrooms
A. Maintenance of cleanliness (t.p. full; rolls under and replace; towels rolled; curtain closed; lid closed; check smell)

III Description of Roles

1. Co-facilitator (Everyone is helping; the extent of which is your choice)
2. Photography (bring camera; take candid pictures during workshop; take clear, framed pictures of all art work done; size pictures; upload to FB as unpublished with code from Dr. Duanita. After Dr. Duanita Reviews she will publish them; upload to Dropbox with instructions from Dr. Duanita; upload to blog with instructions from Dr. Duanita)
3. Music (bring Ipod with calming music; put music on at the beginning before workshop begins; put music on during breaks; put music on at ending)
4. Greeter (attitude and intention)
5. SalesPerson (attitude and intention)
6. Server (food and tea; attitude and intention)
7. Content Co-facilitator (deliver components of the actual content)
8. Scribe (collect stories from participants, type up and email to Dr. Duanita; collect final course evaluations, type up and email to Dr. Duanita; upload blogs regarding the event.
9. Promo: (write and upload advertisement for the group on Craigslist, Kijiji, professional association newsletters, local newspapers, television, YouTube, radio, etc.; create posters and handbills for events)
10. Lead Volunteer Co-ordinator (ensures all areas are covered; is main go-to person for all volunteers, practicum students and work/study program participants; knows what needs to be done in all areas; ensures that everyone feels valued).

IV Content

A. Components (Outline of components; inquire if you want to deliver a section)
a. Welcome (Ice-Breaker; House-keeping; Outline for the workshop; presentation of theme/information)
b. Meditation/Intention
c. Studio Time (act as participants with an eye out for everyone)
d. Sharing
e. Closing

V Conclusion

B. Team Support (for each other, workshop participants and for Dr. Duanita)
C. Getting what you need
D. Thank you






  Workshop Area


  Sales Table


  Food Committee


  Tea Area


  Bathroom Maintenance


  Description of Roles


  Description of Content




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